Home Loan in Bangalore: Overview

Bangalore, now known as Bengaluru, is a thriving city in southern India. Over the last couple of decades, the city has emerged as a hub for IT companies, start-ups, and other enterprises. In fact, some of the biggest companies with substantial investments in India are headquartered in Bangalore.

The population in the city has grown alongside the city’s economy, with many in the workforce migrating there for opportunities. Subsequently, Bangalore’s real estate market has been booming. If you’re looking to buy a property in the city – be it to stay or invest, a home loan is one of your ideal financial solutions.

  • Easy Balance Transfer Facility

    Home Loan Balance Transfer is an easy way to save your money. Transfer the balance from your existing lender to Bajaj Housing Finance for a competitive rate of interest and a range of features on your home loan.

  • Interest Subsidy under PMAY

    Avail of subsidy benefits up to 6.5% with the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana to make the home loan easy on your pocket.

  • Top-up Loan

    You can also opt for a sizeable top-up loan with home loan balance transfer at a competitive rate of interest. You are free to use the amount to fund any requirement of your choice, such as refurbishing your house, buying a new car, or paying for your child’s education.

  • Flexible Tenor

    With Bajaj Housing Finance, you have flexibility in how you choose to repay the amount. You can repay the loan in 30 years, which makes it affordable in the long run.

  • Part-prepayment and Foreclosure Facility

    We levy no charges on part-prepayment and foreclosure, which gives you the option to repay on your own terms should you have surplus funds in the future.

  • Online Home Loan Calculators

    Calculate your home loan EMI based on the loan amount, tenor, and rate of interest and plan your finances better. Our Home loan EMI calculator allows you to determine your monthly payments and home loan eligibility, so you have all necessary information before you apply.

  • Minimal Documentation

    We set minimal documentation and simple home loan eligibility criteria to make the process hassle-free. The entire home loan application process is kept easy and short so you can focus on your house search instead.

  • Online Account Management

    Enjoy a truly digital experience once you avail of the loan. Access your loan details, transact, and complete home loan EMI payments via our customer portal

  • Quick Processing

    Enjoy a hassle-free process with doorstep document pick up, easy approval, and speedy disbursal. Once you submit all the requested documents, the verification process is expedited to help you finalize the chosen property at the earliest.

  • Integrated Branch Network

    With our pan India network, you have the option to walk into your closest branch for in-person assistance with your application. All our branches have integrated systems to provide seamless support anywhere around the country.

Home Loan in Bangalore Eligibility Criteria

For Salaried Individuals

Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan eligibility criteria are easy to meet. They are**:

  • You should be a residing citizen of India
  • You should be between 23 and 62 years of age
  • You should be a salaried individual with a work experience of at least 3 years

**Please note that the eligibility criteria mentioned are indicative. Terms and Conditions

Documents Required for Home Loan in Bangalore

For Self-Employed Individuals

Bajaj Housing Finance Limited Home Loan eligibility criteria are simple. They are**: 

•    You should be a resident of India
•    You should be between 25 and 70 years of age
•    You should be a self-employed individual with at least 5 years of continuity in your current business

**Please note that the eligibility criteria mentioned are indicative. Terms and Conditions

Documents Required for Home Loan

You will need these documents* to apply for a Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan: 

•    KYC documents (address and identity proofs)
•    Photograph
•    Form 16 or latest salary slips (for salaried individuals)/ TR Document and P&L Statement of last 2 years (for self-employed individuals)
•    Bank account statements of the previous 6 months
•    Document for proof of business, with minimum 5 years’ vintage (for businessmen/self-employed individuals only)

**Please note that the list of documents mentioned is indicative. During loan processing, additional documents may be needed. These requirements will be communicated to you accordingly.

How to Apply for Housing Loan in Bangalore

To apply for a home loan with Bajaj Housing Finance, you can either walk into any of our branches or fill out our application form online.

To apply online, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to our home loan application form.

Step 2: Select your occupation type and loan type from the available dropdown options and enter your PIN code.

Step 3: Once you successfully fill these fields, more will populate on the form; proceed to enter your personal details. Here, salaried applicants will need to enter their monthly salary, while self-employed applicants and professionals will need to enter their years of business continuity and practice, respectively, along with other relevant details.

Step 4: If you are availing of a new home loan and have finalized the property, you will be prompted to fill in the relevant property details.

Once you submit the form, our representative will get in touch with your shortly and explain the next steps, which will include document submission and verification.