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Stock Exchange Intimation

Stock Exchange Intimation

Important notices and intimations to stock exchanges

SE Intimation 21 November 2017

SE Intimation 16 January 2018

SE Intimation 22 February 2018

SE Intimation 19 February 2018

Code of Fair Disclosure_22 Jan 2018

Intimation to Raise funds_15 Jan 2018

Revision in rating

Intimation to Raise funds_10 Jan 2019

Interest Payment_6 Nov 2018

Compliance Certificate under Reg 7(3) of SEBI LODR for the half year ended 30 September 2018

Specification relating to ISIN for the half year30 September 2018

Intimation related to transfer of Operation of RTA

Interest Payment_4 June 2018

Record date intimation_5 May 2018

Compliance Certificate under Reg 7(3) of SEBI LODR for the half year ended 31 march 2018

Specification relating to ISIN for the half year 31 March 2018

Record Date for CP 18022020

Record Date for CP 24012020

Interest Payment_26 March 2020

Record date intimation_3 March 2020

Intimation of Debt Investor Presentation

Compliance certficate pursuant to Reg 7 for 120419


Compliance Certficate Pursuant to Regulation 7_101019

Appointment of Chief Risk Officer

Half Yearly report 060519

Specifications relating to ISINs 080419

Specifications relating to ISINs 091019

Financial result_211019

Interest Payment 061119

Outcome of Board Meeting_211019

Record date for Interest Payment 151019

Inital Disclosure for fund raising by large entities as on 200419

BHFL Half Yearly Report 300919

Reg 57_Intimation submitted to debenture trustee_290419

Record date intimation for Interest Payment 100519

Interest Payment_06 November 2019

Record date intimation_15 Oct 2019

Interest Payment_3 Sept 2019

Record date intimation_8 Aug 2019

Interest Payment_6 July 2019

Interest Payment_7 June 2019

Record date intimation_10 May 2019


Record Date - 30 March 2021_signed

Interest Payment _25032021.pdf

Interest Payment_10 Feb 2021

Interest payment_010221

Record Date for NCD_15 March 2021


Record Date for CP_28012021

CP Payment_29012021

CP Payment_28012021

CP Payment_27012021

BHFL_ALM Statement_30 Sept 2020

Recordate for NCD_09102020

Record Date for CP_15012021

Final Interest and Redemption_31 Dec 2020



Prior Intimation of Interest Payment 50(1)


Record Date for CP_29 October 2020




Interest Payment_3 September 2020

CP Repayment_21 August 2020

CP Repayment_29 July 2020

Interest Payment_07 July 2020

Interest Payment_06 July 2020

Record date intimation_29 May 2021

Record date intimation_15 April 2020

Compliance Certificate under Reg 7(3) of SEBI LODR for the half year ended 31 March 2020

Specification relating to ISIN for the half year 31 March 2020

Intimation to Debenture Trustee_31 March 2020

Intimation under Reg 57(5)_05012022

Intimation under Reg 57(4)_21122021

Update on credit rating_301121

Intimation of Record Date for Principal and interest payment of debentures_221121

Record Date intimation for interest payment_151121

Intimation of resignation letter by Statutory Auditor_131121

Redemption of Commercial Paper_29102

Record Date intimation for Commercial Paper_301021

Intimation of resignation and appointment of Statutory Auditors

Intimation under Regulation 57(5) of SEBI Listing Regulations, 2015

Certificate of Payment of Interest in respect of non-convertible debentures_27Sep21

Intimation under Regulation 57(4) of SEBI Listing Regulations, 2015_22 September 2021

Record Date intimation for Commercial paper 14 September 2021

Record Date intimation for NCD 14 September 2021

Redemption and Final Interest payment 3 September 2021

CP repayment 26 August 2021

CP repayment 30 July 2021

CP repayment 29 July 2021

CP repayment 28 July 2021

Record Date intimation for CP 26 July 2021

Intimation of change in Director

Interest Payment_7 July 2021

Principal and Interest Payment_6 July 2021

CP Repayment 28 June 2021

CP Repayment 29 June 2021

Record Date Intimation for CP 16 June 2021

Interest Payment 7 June 2021 signed

Principal and Interest Payment_04 June 2021

Redemption payment 06 April 2021

Redemption payment_04 May 2021

Record date intimation for NCD 10 May 2021

Record date intimation for CP 10 May 2021

CP Repayment 26 April 2021

CP Repayment 23 April 2021